Account History

Account history allows you to view your prior orders, payments and credits and payments. To access, click the user profile icon at the top right and then History.

History contains the following sections: Summary, Orders, Payments, Credits Posted and Credits Donated.

Summary: Your summary contains order information and credits you have earned for the current year only.

Order History: Your order history is listed by the order date and/or order due date (scheduled ordering). Statuses: In Progress, Saved, Placed (Awaiting Payment, Awaiting Fulfillment, Awaiting Delivery), Completed. In Progress and Saved orders are not placed and do not earn credits.

Payments: Payments for your orders are posted by your program's administrator(s) and are listed by the payment date. Also shown is the order the payment was for. Multiple payments for a single order are listed separately.

Credits Posted/Donated: Credits are earned from the discount of each gift card ordered. Your account accumulates credits and at set intervals your program's administrator(s) will post these credits to your account. Listed below are the credits that have been posted to your account or donated to another user.