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Welcome to the Timothy Voucher Program!

Scrip Manager is an online voucher ordering program allowing you to order your vouchers from the convenience of your own computer.  You must login to place your order.

Simply put, using vouchers helps tuition costs.

How?  Vouchers, aka gift cards, are purchased from various companies at a discount, sold at face value and the difference is profit put against tuition costs.  For example, you buy a $100 No Frills gift card, pay $100 and it’s worth $100 when you use it, but Timothy earns $5 from the transaction.  Easy!

Gift cards can also be used on-line at participating companies or used to top up your apps, like Tim Horton’s and Esso.

Every time you place an order, the profits earned are added up for you so you can see the impact your every day purchases are making for the school.  Ordering regularly increases the profits and benefits the school society as a whole.

Thank you for your support and your participation.